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At Assuredly, we understand how challenging it is to navigate your clients’ security maturity journey and ensure their safety. We provide a platform that empowers advisors and consultants with the tools they need to give their clients peace of mind by assessing controls, identifying risks quickly, and implementing appropriate courses of action for extra protection. Plus our rich insights can help you stay informed about industry trends – so everyone stays safe!

InfoSecAssure cyber security assurance

Build trust with clients

  • Assuredly provides a platform for advisors and consultants to manage the security maturity journey of their clients or subsidiaries.
  • The platform allows you to assess your clients control maturity, identify your key risks, and help clients swiftly put in place appropriate courses of action.
  • By having access to all your client security assessments in one platform rich insights can be drawn by sector or vertical.  

Solving real customer problems quickly and proving a return of investment for the client helps build trusted relationships and ongoing retention. posuere.


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Tailored to meet the unique needs of your clients

Your clients come from all different backgrounds, each with their own individual need for risk management and understanding of the cyber security landscape. Taking a tailored approach when assessing your client's risks in order to provide them with advice on secure solutions that align perfectly with where they are at on their journey – gives them peace-of-mind no matter how far along they may be.

With a unique, risk-based approach InfoSecAssure helps consultants ensure they are providing valuable services to clients enabling them to participate in the assessment process and get buy-in from key stakeholders along the way.  Simply conduct an assessment with a client and provide valuable insights into:

  • How mature their controls are against a range of standards, including ISO 27001, SOC2 and NIST Cyber Security Framework.
  • What their high risks are and why in clear and accessible language.
  • Action plans that mitigate real risk to their unique business and prove return on investment for both the consulting and the improvements undertaken when control weaknesses are found.

How we support professional advisors

Our platform has been built by cyber security experts who have over 100 years of combined cyber security consulting experience. We are market led and have created a thoughtful and effective way for consultants to conduct assessments with their clients which have minimal impact to the clients business while getting the best outcome.

We know that consultants have varying degrees of experience in the core skills you need in our industry and have built into the platform to deliver your business consultants with support to ensure the following outcomes are always delivered:

  • Risks are constructed in the correct way including a threat, vulnerability and impact and likelihood and impact ratings are automatically calculated.
  • Controls are mapped to practice areas and risks to ensure actions associated are aligned to the businesses real risk profile.
  • Guidance for how to assess every control for design and operating effectiveness is provided during each assessment.
  • Assessment navigation features ensures consultants can “go with the flow” while interviewing clients and collate the information about any control discussed across all practices areas.
  • In-line guidance to help consultants interview people and ensure sensitive information can be elicited while maintaining robust working relationships and reduce follow-ups.
  • Customised report templates with a rich set of expert written content instantly accessible.
  • Ability to adjust the risk framework for each clients unique needs.
  • Consistent algorithms that calculate and weight control maturity, likelihood ratings and adjust results to deliver a balanced risk profile.

What we do

Discover a New Way of Simplifying Information Security Assurance, Manage Your Real Risks and Get on The Right Path To Securing Your Business Today.

Broaden Your Service Offerings

  • Assess clients against NIST CSF, Essential Eight, SOC2, ISO 27001
  • Focus engagements on specific practice area.
  • Broaden your market reach.

Repeatable, Efficient, Valuable Outcomes

  • Accessible and repeatable assessment process.
  • Immediate access to key findings and actions to discuss with clients as you go.

Scope Engagements Quickly

  • Agree the scope of work with your clients quickly with easy to use asset register.
  • Quickly identify in-scope information, technology, physical and organisational assets.

Automated Risk and Control Analysis

  • Automated risk identification.
  • Instant control maturity scoring.
  • Risk assessment overlay to customise action plan and agree target state.

Instant and Customised Reports

  • 10+ templates ready to go.
  • 700+ unique report options.
  • White label and customisable templates.

Professional Guidance

  • Easy to use assessment process.
  • Guidance for new assessors.
  • Helpful tools and templates.‍