Assess the Security of Your Business Today

Welcome to the world of Assuredly, the simplest way of assessing how secure your business is.

Assuredly transforms security assessments from daunting to doable, from complex to straightforward!

With Assuredly you can easily review your cyber security controls, get real-time results automatically mapped to many global standards and be audit ready.

We give you guidance every step of the way. Assuredly helps businesses of all sizes manage risk and stay secure.

As a business owner, risk manager or someone responsible for managing the security of a business you may be familiar with some of the security risks and appropriate controls to address them. But there's so much more lurking out there that you may not know about - not to mention all those details on how to best mitigate both known and unknown threats! It can feel overwhelming trying to figure this stuff out by yourself. That’s why using a professional platform like InfoSecAssure to assess the security of your business in an organised way is essential for providing clear direction when it comes to securing your businesses future success.

To help you secure your business and keep it safe, our platform is designed to provide all the assistance needed. Follow these four simple steps for immediate visibility of potential risks along with specific action plans to reduce them: set up an account; use our guided assessment process; receive insights into weaknesses regarding maturity levels; view tailored action plan plus access templates/guideline tools for upgrading weak controls straight away!

Take your knowledge to the next level with our practice area aligned questions! With each answer you provide, gain even more insight as we explain key controls in simple terms and give you space for any notes or evidence. From there, get instantaneous feedback on how it will affect your overall evaluation result – plus the added bonus of being able to customise those results too!

Insights and Reports

At any point during or after an assessment InfoSecAssure provides you with:

  • A comprehensive assessment of the controls you have in place to prevent bad things from happening.
  • The key risks your business likely faces.
  • Clearly written suggested actions plans to help you reduce risk.
  • Graphs showing you how well you measure up against key standards such as ISO 27001.
  • Instant reports for your clients and stakeholders to let them know what you are doing to protect your businesses most important assets.

Other key features included in a starter plan include:

  • Know what cyber security risks you have and be told how to mitigate the risks.
  • Access a report to give to prospective clients that promotes trust.
  • Access to templates to develop information security program, policies and supporting standards and processes.
  • See how well the controls you have in place align to regulatory requirements and industry standards.
  • Respond to third party security questions fairly, accurately and quickly.

Managed Service Providers and Security Program Consultants can be given access to ensure your businesses security is always taken care of. Tailor our plan so you can give special attention to those suppliers who matter most, while easily maintaining regular governance of your key suppliers over time - it couldn't be simpler!