Assuredly Health Check

Assuredly Health Check


The Assuredly Health Check looks at 25 key controls from across all practice areas that give organisations a view of how well they are managing the fundamentals of information security.

Break down of requirements

25-30 key controls across 16 practice areas

Best suited for

For businesses with immature or unknown capability i.e this is the first time you are assessing your business we recommend starting with a Health Check. It is the shortest assessment and focusses on assessing key controls across all 16 practice areas.

Can a business be certified or assessed against this standard?

Their is no certification body for this type of assessment.

Who can assess or audit a business against this standard?

Not applicable

Governed by


Region focus


How Assuredly can help you align to this standard or framework?

By conducting an Assuredly Health Check companies can instantly access maturity scores against every requirement set out by this standard and get automated suggested action plans and access to abroad range of tools and templates to uplift controls required to achieve a secure business and get their foundation security in place.

Unlock the full potential of your business's security with Assuredly, your trusted partner in safeguarding success! Our platform offers a unique guided process to assess your business against fundamental security requirements, providing you with expert support every step of the way. Gain exclusive access to essential information, demystifying control requirements, testing procedures, and auditor expectations. Experience the thrill of instant dashboard feedback, revealing your triumphs in real-time. Moreover, craft detailed reports aligning findings with risks and controls, effortlessly shareable with stakeholders, freeing you from ever answering a security questionnaire again. Elevate your security game and sign up for Assuredly today, because a secure future awaits!

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